Ca Na Mª Magdalena i en Miquel 2018-03-15T22:29:57+01:00

Project Description

Ca Na Mª Magdalena i en Miquel

Typology:    Swimming pool in an inner courtyard from a house.
Location:      Palma (Son Espanyolet), Mallorca
Surface:        42 m2
Project:         2013 – 2014
Construction:  2014 – 2015

This project takes place in Son Espanyolet, one of the neighbourhoods of Palma. The swimming pool is located in the inner block courtyard from an old building built in 1955.

This swimming pool is constructed in the sunniest part of the courtyard, close to the east wall of the plot. For legal reasons, it is situated 50 cm far from the wall, where a jardinière is added, providing a green area next to the swimming pool.

The floor of the block courtyard has a slight slope towards north-west/south-east. With the intention to minimize the basement movement, the swimming pool is elevated 55 cm in the less favourable point of the courtyard. The swimming pool is an infinity pool, with the overflowing side towards the terrace of the house.