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Project Description

Ca na Rosa i en Toni

Typology:    Apartment renovation
Location:     Montuïri, Mallorca
Surface:       328 m2
Project:        2012
Construction:  –

This project is located in Montuïri, a little town situated in the “Pla de Mallorca”. The main objective of this project is the conversion of an old structure made with mares-based walls (“mares” is a special stone from Mallorca), into a new single-house. The pre-existing level difference between the entrance of the house (street level) and the rest of the plot will determine the distribution of this new house.

The new house will be made of two parts. In the main floor there will be the main rooms with a direct access from the street and in the ground floor, that has the exit to the garden, there will be the day-light rooms: dining room, kitchen and living room.

The volume of the house is divided in two parts. A new main-floor courtyard is added to the entrance of the house with the objective to provide the best possible natural ventilation, privacy and natural illumination to each room. On the other hand, a new structure made with mares is built to the south part of the house. This will become a large porch protecting the inside from the direct sunlight and will integrate the house in the surrounding landscape.