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Project Description

Ca n’Aina i n’Albert

Typology:     Apartment renovation
Location:      Palma (Santa Catalina), Mallorca
Surface:        135 m2
Project:         2013 – 2014
Construction:  2014 – 2015

This apartment is located in the first floor of a building, built in 1885 and located in one of the most charming and historic neighbourhood of Palma, Santa Catalina.

This project aims to maintain the relationship between the pre-existing materials and the tradition. The original façade composition, typical in this neighbourhood, remains unaltered. The renewal takes place, instead, in the interior of the apartment, converting an old, dark and fragmented house in a spacious and bright loft. The change the roof, necessary because of its poor conditions, allowed the increase of the apartment height, providing a new open and polyvalent attic area.

The re-use of some of the pre-existing materials (the wooden beams, the original doors and the hydraulic floor tiles) has permitted to customize this project reinterpreting the original essences and nature deriving from these materials.