Ca n’Anneliese i en Miquel 2018-04-17T23:22:24+02:00

Project Description

Ca n’Anneliese i en Miquel

Typology:    Renovation of a Single-family house
Location:    Palma (Son Sardina), Mallorca
Surface:      300 m2
Project:       2012 – 2014
Construction: 2015 – 2016

This singlefamily house is located in Son Sardina, slightly outside Palma. This 19th century, house was built in a rural area and the original building suffered the attachment of newer ones during the last decades.

This project aims to reach the recovery of the original architecture style and its integration in a natural environment. First, a complete demolition of the newer constructions is required. Successively, the remaining original construction which is divided in two different volumes: one of them is located in the north part and recovers the original shape of the house, isolated again, while the other one, is located in the south part.

After the demolition, a big garden joins the exterior area between the two parts (space, previously occupied by the other buildings). This garden, object of an adequate landscaping project, provides both functional and formal connection between the existing constructions.