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Project Description

Winery in Biniparell

Typology:    Winery
Location:     Biniparell, Menorca
Surface:       100 m2
Project:        2013
Construction:  –

This winery is located in Biniparrell, Menorca. The integration of the building in the surrounding landscape is the main project challenge.

The projected solution for this building is based on two important conditions: firstly, the very well-defined products and people circulation-scheme in this kind of buildings and, secondly, on the surface required in the briefing of the project. The total surface of the winery is finally organized into 2 volumes, each divided in 2 modules, for a total of 4 different areas. The first volume will include the reception and the wine tasting area. The second one, of two-floors height, will locate the wine deposits and the different working areas. The basement will join these two volumes and it will be visually connected to the reception through a glazed floor and functionally linked with the working area through a forklift.

The final result is a Mediterranean building, in which the inside and the outside interact, integrating this winery in this wine environment.