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Project Description

Ca na Cristina

Typology:    Apartment renovation
Location:     Palma, Mallorca
Surface:       54 m2
Project:        2015
Construction:  2016

This project takes place in a small 50 m2 flat, located in the centre of Palma. With the intention to respect the original essence of the flat, built in 1900, this project is divided in 2 parts:

Fisrt of all, with the demolition of the internal partitions, obtaining a more open and diaphanous place, a new loft in which the roof structure becomes the main protagonist. This is an unidirectional structure made of wood beams, located at 3.5 meters from the floor.

In the second part, a new wooden volume is added. A “big box”, in which all the functional areas the client needs puzzle together: bathroom, kitchen, store, etc. Nothing is what it seems. It is a loft full of surprises.