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Project Description

Ca na Polita i na Silvia

Typology:    Single family house
Location:    Palma (S’Aranjassa), Mallorca
Surface:      204 m2
Project:       2010 – 2011
Construction: 2014 – 2016

This single-family house is located in S’Aranjassa, a neighbourhood close to Palma. The main objective of this project consists of reaching the best orientation, sights, natural illumination and ventilation in all rooms of the house.

The street house façade is oriented towards the south while the inner part of the plot, where the garden area is located, faces the north.
For the maximum optimization of the sunlight and to obtain a better cross-ventilation between the main rooms of the house, the building is divided in two areas. A large “gap” crosses the building longitudinally in the midpoint, dividing the roof in a such way that a step of 1,2 meters between the two pitches of the rood is generated. This volume fragmentation gives to the house a north-south orientation, crossed-natural-ventilation and natural illumination during all day.